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This post will take you through the essential ways in which your site needs to answer key visitor questions for 2017. First, we’ll spin through the process we used. Then, the main points: three key groups of questions your site needs to answer for your visitors. Finally, a dive into the building blocks that help a site work particularly effectively. Hopefully, you’ll finish the post with a fresh perspective on your own site: you’ll be able to identify how to make it work better for your visitors and advocate for effective change as part of your organisation’s strategy. Of course, we threw some sites we built at Cogapp into the mix too.


Sono le calcografie ad aprire il percorso artistico-incisorio di Alfredo Colleoni con sperimentazioni su metacrilato e su metallo. Qui prendono vita personaggi distorti che ci introducono nell’immaginario eclettico dell’artista.

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